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Mini WiFi/Bluetooth Projector

Mini WiFi/Bluetooth Projector

This mini 4K projector is the perfect addition to your next camping trip, birthday party, or backyard staycation. This projector is 5G WIFI capable which means no latency when watching movies. It also has built in Hi-Fi speakers so you don't need to worry about packing extra items when planning your trip. 6 Layer high refractive index coated lense reduces eye irritation and provides true high picture quality. This projector is equipped with one HDMI, 2 USB, one AV, and one headphone port making connection to any PC, phone, tablet, or DVD/Blueray player possible. Adjustable zoom feature makes it easy to size to any projector sheet or wall.

Native Resolution: 1920x1080

Brightness: 10000L

Contrast: 10000:1


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