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National Geographic Expeditions

National Geographic offers many once in a lifetime vacations. Here are some of the many that they offer. Contact us for dates and pricing information.

Land Expedition


8 Days

Start your trip in Bangkok and venture to Kanchanaburi, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, and Chiang Mai, ending back in Bangkok.

On this trip you will ride the train through the forests of Thailand, swim in the turquoise waters, enjoy local cuisine, visit historic temples, and so much more.

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Land Expedition

Kenya Safari

11 Days

Visit National Geographic-supported projects throughout Kenya protecting elephants, rhinos, big cats, and more.

Set out on safari in 3 wildlife parks and go beyond the typical safari experience, observing Kenya’s iconic wildlife through the eyes of the conservationists dedicated to protecting it.

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Expedition Cruise

Galápagos Islands

10 Days

Travel aboard the National Geographic Endeavour II, equipped with kayaks, paddleboards, and Zodiacs, allowing for up-close exploration.

Visit with the endangered Galápagos giant tortoises and observe many other species of wildlife on this 10-day immersive cruise.

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Cruise Expedition

Columbia and Snake Rivers

8 Days

Start your journey by boarding your ship in Portland, Oregon and cruising the Columbia River. By day 4 you will be sailing on the mighty Snake River. End your adventure in Clarkston, Washington.

An Expedition Leader, a photo instructor, and a team of naturalists will accompany this trip.

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Private Jet

Around The World

24 Days

Make a roundtrip flight from Washington DC to over 10 exciting and vastly different destinations.


Travel with a team of National Geographic experts and visit with researchers around the world. From Easter Island to the Taj Mahal, this trip has something for everyone.

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Land Expedition

Mexico City, Mexico

9 Days

Explore the culture of Mexico City and all the surrounding areas have to offer on this small group tour. Enjoy local cuisine and drinks and explore on your own time for part of the journey.

Your journey starts in Mexico City before visiting numerous cities and points of interest, including the Teotihuacán Ruins and Mitla, the Frida Kahlo Museum, and the artisan community of Oaxaca. 

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Land Expedition


9 Days

Explore some of Morocco's most fascinating sites on this 9 day tour in a small group. Start in Casablanca and end your journey in Marrakech, with 4 stops in-between.

Visit the Atlas Mountains, explore Marrakech, enjoy a 4x4 ride in the desert, guided city tours, and so much more.

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Expedition Cruise


12 Days

Explore Antarctica from every angle alongside a team of biologists, geologists, and undersea specialists. Get up close and personal with the landscape and wildlife on this 12-day adventure.

Kayak to places the ship can't reach for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. A National Geographic Photographer accompanies you to capture this one-of-a-kind vacation.

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Private Jet

Australia and New Zealand

20 Days

Start this epic vacation in Queenstown, New Zealand and end in Sydney, Australia stopping to see all the sights in-between.

Daily activities may include city walking tours, visits to historic or cultural sites, nature walks, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and biking.

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Private Jet

Wildlife of The World

24 Days

Board the Private Jet in Singapore then jet over to Borneo, Malaysia, from there you will travel to 6 countries before ending your trip in Rome, Italy.

Venture into rainforests and wetlands, hike volcanoes, and dive into turquoise seas, all in search for orangutans, Bengal tigers, lemurs, silverback gorillas, and so many more.

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